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4 April 2018

Chairman of Ostrovets District Executive Committee holds planning meeting

The first extended planning meeting of the month has taken place at the Ostrovets District Executive Committee. There were a lot of items on the agenda that have to be addressed in the near future.

Safety first

Following the Kemerovo tragedy, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko urged the Emergencies Ministry to take measures to prevent such accidents in the country. Units of the Ostrovets District branch of the Emergencies Ministry and the Ostrovets District Police Department remain in charge of inspecting crowded places.
“We have checked the Sun Hotel and, unfortunately, have found plenty of problems. I do not rule out that other facilities can have them, too. We should put more focus on shops, hotels, schools, and kindergartens. The escape routes must not be blocked,” said Chairman of the Ostrovets District Executive Committee Igor Shaludin.

Slow execution of previous instructions

Igor Shaludin gave an instruction to faster respond to people’s petitions and complaints. According to Oleg Zhdanovich, the official in charge of handling petitions and complaints of individuals and legal entities in Ostrovets District, as of today there are 18 petitions under control. Ten of them concern roads. Some of them were submitted back in 2017.
“It is necessary to ‘take to heart’ every request. Then, probably, the approaches to problems will change. I said at some point that the key problem in our district is housing. Today the main issue is the state of the roads. Why is it so? Is it us who cannot or do not want to construct them?” Igor Shaludin inquired.

Let’s clean up the town together

The Ostrovets District Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology will monitor the sanitary situation in the town and other populated centers in the district.
This time, the specialists of the center went on a tour of the city. The snow falling on the day of inspection could not disguise the dirt and waste that had piled up during the winter. The TV screen showed awful images of waste at the territory of many Ostrovets-based companies and organizations.
The head of the district administration urged to punish those who had failed to keep the city clean.
He called for teamwork in all kinds of matters, from pothole repairs and road grading and sanding in rural areas to fighting giant hogweed.

The meeting participants also paid attention to cross-border cooperation, construction of shopping malls, implementation of the investment program, meetings with citizens, nutrition at schools and kindergartens, and many other things.

By Yelena Yaroshevich