Belarus’ Investigative Committee vows to prosecute every extremist

Every guilty person will be held accountable, BelTA learned from Viktor Legan, deputy head of the Grodno Oblast branch of the Investigative Committee of Belarus.

The official noted that the counteraction of crimes involving insults and threats of violence aimed at representatives of the authorities is still a high priority. A considerable part of such crimes are committed online. Many people are convinced that their identity will not be found out and they will be able to avoid responsibility. Those people are mistaken, Viktor Legan noted. The opinion that prosecution can be avoided is spread by destructively minded parties, who are as a rule located abroad and incite citizens to take socially dangerous actions.

According to Viktor Legan, investigative work with the help of Grodno Oblast law enforcement personnel has helped solve many crimes like that.

According to the source, 95 criminal cases of this category are being investigated in Grodno Oblast at present.

“It is remarkable that people, who are driven by emotions and destructive Telegram channels, write insulting comments and messages with threats and forget about it afterwards. However, when time comes to be held liable for their actions the price turns out to be too high,” Viktor Legan said. The official reminded that Article 364 of the Criminal Code specifies imprisonment for up to six years as the punishment for such actions.

Viktor Legan said: “I would like to remind citizens that they have to observe the law. Any violation of the legislation entails prosecution.”

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