Belarusian construction materials producer Krasnoselskstroymaterialy to burn refuse-derived fuel

OAO Krasnoselskstroymaterialy will use refuse-derived fuel (RDF), BelTA learned after Belarusian Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister Andrei Khudyk came from a working trip to Grodno Oblast.

The main purpose of the trip was to get familiar with progress in preparations for burning refuse-derived fuel. The minister met with top executives of the company and visited the site where a manufacturing line is being built to use RDF as fuel to make clinker bricks.

“It is not a new technology in the rest of the world,” the natural resources and environmental protection minister noted. “Up till now we’ve been unable to start taking concrete steps to use refuse as fuel at cement mills. After visiting the cement mill in Krasnoselsky today and after learning about preparations for introducing this technology I made sure that the first steps had been correct, that a lot has already been accomplished. The cement mill will soon get a manufacturing line that will use refuse as a source of heat energy. It is now necessary to resolve the issue of fuel production. I think we will do it soon.”

Refuse-derived fuel represents municipal waste after organic bits, glass, plastic, metal, and paper have been removed. Bearing in mind international practice, Belarus has decided to set up facilities to make refuse-derived fuel primarily for the sake of the cement industry. The fuel is inferior to natural gas and coal as far as the calorific heat value is concerned but is superior to peat briquettes.