Belarusian Peace Foundation to honor frontline health workers

A total of 475 medical professionals working on Belarus’ COVID-19 frontline will be celebrated as part of a nationwide charity action, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Peace Foundation.

“During the first wave of COVID-19, we provided aid worth more than Br120,000 to outpatient clinics and hospitals across the country. Now we are running a campaign to provide moral and material support to health workers and to show public recognition for their life-saving role in the fight against COVID-19,” the foundation said.

Based on the recommendations of chief physicians of healthcare facilities, the awards will be presented to frontline healthcare providers. They will receive letters of commendation, certificates of honor and the Honored Peacemaker Medal.

As part of the campaign, representatives of the Belarusian Peace Foundation visit 176 healthcare facilities of the Republic of Belarus, including 18 in Minsk, 21 in Minsk Oblast, 16 in Brest Oblast, 37 in Vitebsk Oblast, 21 in Gomel Oblast, 23 in Grodno Oblast, 40 in Mogilev Oblast.