Opinion poll: Majority of Belarusians views presidential election as important event

The sociological survey "Regional specifics of the electoral behavior in Belarus" revealed that 91.9% of the respondents view the presidential election as an important event in the life of the country. The survey was conducted by the Youth Laboratory of Sociological Studies of the Belarusian Committee of Youth Associations, Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Public Associations BKMO Pavel Alekso told BelTA.

“Our youth laboratory has completed the survey. According to its results, the vast majority of Belarusians - 98.9% - know about the upcoming presidential election on 9 August. 91.9% of the respondents consider the presidential election as an important event in the life of the country. A majority (64%) view the election as an opportunity to have a personal impact on the country's future development, with a quarter (24.3%) treating it as a form of democracy enshrined in the constitution. Only one in ten (11.5%) said they consider the election as a formal procedure that does not affect the real political climate in the country,” Pavel Alekso noted.

When choosing a candidate 73.4% of the respondents said that they rely on their own opinion only, 10.2% on the recommendations of influential personalities, 7.5% on media opinion, 5.6% on the opinion of friends, family, and 3.3% on the opinion of work colleagues. “As for the personal qualities of the candidate, the majority of the respondents (66.7%) chose honesty, 51.7% - political experience, 51.1% - patriotism, 50.8% - statesmanship,” Pavel Alekso said.

The sociological survey revealed the specifics of the electoral expectations depending on the region. Thus, among the main qualities of the presidential candidate, statesmanship is more appreciated in Minsk, honesty - in Brest Oblast, the ability to compromise (diplomacy, respect for other people's opinion) - in Vitebsk Oblast, political experience - in Mogilev Oblast, patriotism - in Grodno Oblast, economic and legal competences - in Minsk Oblast, creativity, out-of-the-box thinking - in Gomel Oblast,” Pavel Alekso added.
The sociological survey was held online on 19-29 June. As many as 2,100 people took part in the survey with a margin of error of +/- 2.5%.

The Youth Laboratory of Sociological Studies at the BKMO Council was established in 2004 as an analytical center of young professional sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, specialists in youth policy. The laboratory works closely with the Center for Sociological and Political Research at Belarusian State University. In accordance with the accreditation of the Commission for Public Opinion Surveys at the National Academy of Affairs of Belarus (accreditation certificate No.000037) the laboratory has the right to conduct public opinion polls related to the social and political situation in the country and publish their results in the media.