Over 90% of rapeseed areas harvested in Belarus

Belarusian farmers have cleared 90.4% of rapeseed areas, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of early 1 September, grain and leguminous crops (excluding maize) were harvested from 96.8% of the planned area (2.106 million hectares). According to the update information, harvesting was completed on 98.4% of the target (350,800 hectares) in Brest Oblast, 92.2% (332,100 hectares) in Vitebsk Oblast, 98.1% (342,200 hectares) in Gomel Oblast, 96.9% (302,500 hectares) in Grodno Oblast, 98% (449,600 hectares) in Minsk Oblast, and 97.3% (328,900 hectares) in Mogilev Oblast.

Agricultural workers harvested millet from 4,080 hectares, or 34.5% of the target, threshing 9,960 tonnes with the average yield at 24.4 centners per hectare. Buckwheat was cropped from 6,260 hectares (18.1%) with 8,550 tonnes threshed (the average yield - 13.7 centners per hectare).

Belarus threshed 8.045 million tonnes of grain.

Rapeseed was cut from 327,000 hectares of land (90.4% of the designated area), with 848,600 tonnes threshed (the average yield stood at 26 centners per hectare).

The procurement plan for 2022 will make up 811,400 tonnes of grain.

BelTA – News from Belarus