Refugee woman praises quality of obstetrical care in Belarus

A refugee from the Bruzgi shelter who has recently become a father told BelTA that his wife was really happy with the quality of healthcare in Belarus.

Refugees have been stranded at the Belarusian-Polish border for 39 days already. They are living in the temporary accommodation facility set up at the Bruzgi logistics hub near the border. At present, there are about 800 people there, 40% of them are women and children. Some women are expecting, and three women have recently welcomed babies. The new mothers and their newborns are in Grodno Perinatal Center now; they feel fine.

“I'm happy. This is my first baby. I was very nervous, but my wife said that she had never seen such a high quality medical care. Of course, I am grateful to Belarus for such an attitude towards us. It's a pity, I haven't seen the baby yet: I communicated with my wife only by phone. She says that they were provided with everything necessary,” said the man who introduced himself as Regy. He hopes to raise the child in Germany or some other EU country. He does not want to return to Iraq: he says there is no future for him and his family there, it is difficult to find a job and provide for the family.

“By the way, Belarus is a good country. It is quiet and hospitable. Thank you for your warm welcome and help while we are waiting for the solution of our issue. We just want to work and live a normal life,” the man said.

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