Sugar beets harvest campaign nearing completion in Belarus

Belarus is completing harvesting sugar beets, BelTA learned from the updates posted by the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 16 November, sugar beets were removed from 78,500 hectares, or 95.9% of the total areas planted to this crop. Some 3.83 million tonnes of sugar beets were harvested with an average yield of 487.8 centners per hectare. The sugar content stands at 16.27%.

As of 16 November, maize was harvested on the area of 1.174 million hectares, or 96.9% of the plan. Belarus completed harvesting maize for silage and fodder. Some 29,100 hectares of maize for grain (or 14.4%) are left to be removed. Almost 1.2 million tonnes were threshed.

A total of 9.262 million tonnes of grain, including maize, was harvested in the country, with the average yield of 39.1 centners per hectare (34.6 centners per hectare as of the same date in 2019). Minsk Oblast harvested 2.3 million tonnes of grain, Grodno Oblast cropped 1.7 million tonnes, Brest Oblast - over 1.5 million tonnes, Mogilev Oblast – more than 1.2 million tonnes, Vitebsk Oblast and Gomel Oblast over 1.1 million tonnes each.

Some 13.901 million tonnes of haylage (110.3% of the target) and 19.693 million tonnes of silage (102.7%) were stocked. Some 9.7 million tonnes of fodder units of grass feed were put in stock as of 16 November (104.2% of the target).