Youth forum brings together 15,000 Belarusians

The forum “We Are Belarus!” has already brought together about 15,000 young people, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Belarusian BRSM Youth Union, member of the Council of the Republic Dmitry Voronyuk told journalists, BelTA has learned.

“The forum called as We Are Belarus united around 15,000 young people across the country in the past month. The forum featured Open Dialogues with youth activists. The discussions were dedicated to ways to improve the youth policy and ensure favorable environment for the youth. We spoke about necessary changes in legislation at the local and national level to continue supporting the youth and, most importantly, to involve them in the development of our country. These are very serious messages and we are happy that young people get engaged,” Dmitry Voronyuk said.

According to him, the participants have put forward several dozen various proposals. “They are related both to major issues and minor problems. For example, in Mogilev Oblast and Brest Oblast, we discussed ways to promote the use of the national symbols. Another matter was setting up a separate government authority on the youth policy. Participants from Minsk Oblast and Vitebsk Oblast discussed support for the youth in the regions. For example, participants from Krupki mulled over ways to attract young people back to their regions after completing their studies,” Dmitry Voronyuk added.

The government has always supported the youth and will continue doing so, he stressed. “The youth enjoy a lot of preferences. The most important thing is to continue developing all this and involve the youth in these processes. It is great that they want to take part in this, not just discussing, but doing something,” he said.

The forum “We Are Belarus” has brought together school and university students, young people from urban and rural areas. “We might have different points of view, but we should respect each other’s opinions. Together with the Youth Parliament at the National Assembly, we developed the unique youth platform “Movement FORWARD” that accumulates ideas regarding the future of Belarus. We have already received many proposals. They will be analyzed and taken into consideration,” Dmitry Voronyuk added.