Makei: West tries to interfere in Belarus’ affairs under the guise of protecting human rights

The West is trying to intervene in Belarus’ domestic affairs under the guise of protecting human rights, Belarus Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei told reporters following a joint meeting of the collegiums of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Belarus and Russia in Minsk on 26 November, BelTA has learned.

“The annual meeting of the Stockholm Security Conference took place a short while ago. Speaking about Belarus, one of the leaders of the SIPRI think tank [Stockholm International Peace Research Institute], a famous politician said that the concept of humanitarian intervention in the country had failed, so we should look for ways to interact with this country,” Vladimir Makei said.

He explained that humanitarian intervention implies intervention in the affairs of other countries under the guise of protecting human rights. This is exactly what is happening in Belarus, according to the minister. Western partners act in accordance with the reality they invented. “Unfortunately, our partners do not even want to listen to the official statements of the Belarusian authorities. This is also happening in relation to Russia. We are strongly against such approaches and believe that the situation in any country, including Belarus, should be assessed objectively. If they want to use some external structures to provide mediation, we are ready to welcome this, but it should be sincere and it should be aimed at resolving the situation, and not at implementing the demands that are being voiced now: transfer of power, stepping down of the current government,” the diplomat noted.