Victory Day parade in Minsk on 9 May to feature 36 aircraft, helicopters

As many as 36 aircraft and helicopters combined into nine groups will fly over Minsk on 9 May. The first rehearsal of the flyby took place above the water reservoir Minsk Sea on 29 April, BelTA has learned.

The Air Force units that will participate in the parade will include jet fighters Su-30SM and MiG-29, combat and training aircraft Yak-130, combat and training aircraft L-39, military transport aircraft IL-76 and An-26, and Mi-24 and Mi-8MTV5 helicopters.

According to Chief of the Air Force and Air Defense Command, Major-General Igor Golub, the units will have to polish their flying skills after the first few training sessions. “They will have to practice smooth interaction, flying along the designated route, flying as groups, breaking up, landing, proper radio communication procedures and management of the crews. We are going to analyze today’s performance and will carry out another training session in order to start polishing flying as a joint combat formation,” he said.

Only top pilots have been selected for the parade, Igor Golub added. The number includes four crews, who will participate in the parade for the first time. “But they are ready as far as their professional skills, morale and psychological state are concerned. I think they will carry out the mission,” Igor Golub stressed.

Modern multirole jet fighters Su-30SM of the Belarusian Air Force will participate in the Victory Day parade for the first time this year. Belarusian pilots are busy mastering the new hardware.

BelTA reported earlier that the Victory Day parade is supposed to take place in the evening and will follow the traditional format – aerial units, a mechanized column, and troops on foot. The parade will take up to 60 minutes. The parade will be finished with an exhibition drill of the guard of honor company and a performance of the combined army orchestra.